What do you get when you cross a zebra with a donkey? A Zedonk, of course. Mother zedonk and foal, relaxing in the shade (it was a scorching day in September) at Groombridge Place. These animals had a certain measure of grace about them, which was at odds with their ass-like shape. Beautiful markings on the mother’s legs, which didn’t help answer the question: are zebras white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?

Zedonk & foal
Zedonk and foal, at Groombridge Place

Hubby and I had been itching all Summer to take our niece and nephew to Groombridge Place. Mostly because we’re chicken – we didn’t want to go play on the giant swings on our own, in case we were spotted as being being grown-ups and spoiling it for the other kids. Children in tow provide the perfect subterfuge for having this sort of fun 😉 The giant swings, by the way, are not large in breadth or depth – a short plank makes for comfort – but they are very, very tall. And the trees they are attached to, are on the side of a fairly steep slope in the woods. So, at one end of the swing’s arc, your feet just reach the ground, but at the other… crivens, you’re up to 20 feet off the ground. Of course the (real) kids weren’t phased one bit.