I love stationery: notebooks, fountain pens, inks, papers, markers, folders: so many colours, designs, materials, sizes. I collect (read ‘hoard’ or ‘stash’) a great deal of it, some I have kept unused for years. It’s not just about possessing the items, there is a strong sensory aspect to it too. I like to review my cache occasionally, to see the notebooks with new eyes, to touch the covers, feel the paper inside, and yes – I confess – I do open one or two (I do this with books too), stick my nose between the pages and inhale the delicate smell of the paper. I can spend half a day in Lorimer’s, Staples, or Websters Pen Shop, and be lost to all including myself for that time. All this serves as background to the point of this post. Fellow stationery-geeks will identify with me, and others (who have read this far) will at least understand a little why the following is joy to me.

Some months ago, I pre-ordered one of the limited edition Lego Moleskines from Amazon, and then promptly forgot about it. So it was with gleeful surprise that I took delivery of a promising little brown package last week. I love Lego nearly as much as I love stationery, and the combination was just irresistable.

One thought on “Lego Moleskine joy!

  • April 7, 2012 at 9:34 am

    ooh ooh ooh – I want, I want, I want!

    On other hand have got myself some arc bits and bobs, and did buy new highlighter fountain pen a couple of weeks ago.

    Maybe we should set up Stationery Freaks Anonymous 🙂

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