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The Springboard Women’s Development Programme

‘I wasn’t convinced that a programme just for women was for me but it was excellent. I have gained, and hope to gain in the future, so much from it. I now feel an internal confidence that I had lost, or never really had in the first place’.

– Jenny McConnachie, Senior Lecturer, Robert Gordon University

The Springboard Programme is a three month personal and work development programme for women. It is developed and licensed by the Springboard Consultancy and consists of:

  • four intensive one-day workshops over three months
  • personal workbook covering all the material for the entire programme
  • real, relevant and inspiring role models as guest speakers
  • the encouragement of effective networks within the group
  • a local support system to enable sustainable progress

Benefits for the women who take part

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Download the Springboard programme brochure [PDF]

Each woman brings her own objectives and agenda, and although individual aims vary enormously, they usually cluster around:

  • increasing confidence in a variety of situations
  • greater assertiveness and improved work and personal relationships
  • an increased sense of direction, and sense of agency over choosing what next
  • taking greater control over their lives

The results of a Springboard programme are practical and specific. Feedback from previous programmes shows that participants:

  • are more confident and assertive
  • have a greater sense of clarity and direction
  • find better balance with different life areas
  • set themselves more challenging goals, in line with their values
  • make better use of connections to offer and gain support and visibility
  • understand their strengths and impact on others
  • develop, promote and challenge themselves

Benefits for the organisation

Some organisations have measured the impact of Springboard in developing skills key to achieving current business plans. Such as:

  • communication skills and team working
  • customer service
  • adaptability
  • maximising business performance
  • self confidence
  • accepting responsibility for their development
  • making decisions and problem solving
  • taking more responsibility for their development

Subjects covered include:

  • assessing themselves, the organisation and world around them
  • establishing core values
  • setting goals and objectives
  • setting and implementing action plans
  • finding support, getting information
  • assertiveness, stress management
  • putting yourself across positively

The programme covers personal as well as work issues because the work person is developed by developing the whole person. It ensures that development is integrated because so many personal issues have a strong impact on work performance.

Connect with me to discuss how the Springboard programme might empower and develop the women in your organisation.

Feedback from past participants:

“This was an amazing experience that I would recommend to any woman who needs help with clarifying her goals or building her confidence. It was so useful in getting to know myself better and figuring out what I really want and what makes me happiest.”

“I feel that the Springboard programme is an effective and manageable programme for any women. It allows you to either delve deep or not and reflect and plan for the future. The skills learnt are invaluable. I would highly recommend it.”

“I go on as many training and development courses as I can. This is exceptional. The focus on any area of life is a huge part of that. Truly empowering.”

“It has made me empowered to think my life through… from past events which affect how I regard myself to behaviour which needs to be changed. I would highly recommend this course to every woman. It has encouraged me to seek my better self.”

“Coming up with more ideas and being part of a wider university network has helped me to increase the knowledge within the faculty and move things forward in areas that usually get forgotten about.”

“I have more confidence and belief in my own skills and this enables me to work with greater autonomy. The University has invested in me and I feel that I am repaying this investment by applying all my skills and knowledge learnt to do the very best that I can.”

The women who will get most out of the programme are:

  • self nominating. It is essential that it is the individual woman’s decision to participate, as she will be looking at personal issues and giving 3 hours of her own time each week to work through the workbook. Commitment and self motivation are essential.
  • open-minded and prepared to try out new things
  • those who feel ready for it. The programme works best with women who have life experiences to draw on, and are keen to re-assess and plan the next steps
  • supportive of others
  • keen to develop to their fullest potential