Change how you operate in your world, and your world will change around you

I am a Chartered Psychologist, ISCP Accredited Coaching Psychologist, member of the Institute of Leadership, and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I specialise in personal, professional and career development for researchers of all career stages in diverse sectors and professions.

My clients include doctoral researchers, research fellows, professors, research leaders, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and ‘escaped’ academics. I work in organisational settings that span practitioner, industry, and academic contexts, such as universities, research institutes, bioscience start-ups, charities, and the NHS.

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If you or your organisation are seeking coaching, coaching supervision, workshops, facilitation, a keynote, or something else (e.g. programme design, e-learning, a mentoring programme), I will work with you to co-create the development results you are looking for, in a way that fits your requirements.... let's arrange a conversation to explore how we might work together.



Change how you operate in your world, and your world changes around you. Create your own opportunities: explore your strengths, face your challenges, control your direction.


A supervisor can support your practice as a Coach or Coaching Psychologist, by providing a professional and external frame of reference for your practice and development. Coaching psychology supervision goes beyond ‘coaching the coach’, and your supervisor is ethically invested



Intensive, experiential, and participatory (digital workshops included). Participants choose their own degree of challenge in a safe, confidential, and highly supportive learning environment.

My Philosophy

I take an evidence-based approach to my practice, but that doesn't mean one size fits all (it rarely does). Current research and understanding provide a well to draw from, rather than a rigid path to follow. I meet my learners where they are now, support them work with what they’ve got, and empower them to take steps towards where they want to go next. We work together to establish an individual's contexts, goals, and preferences, then use these to select the most useful and appropriate frameworks for their development path.


The Academy of Medical Sciences
Africa Research Excellence Fund
Brighton and Sussex Medical School
Coventry University
CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership
Islington Council
King’s College London
London Museums Group
Oxford Brookes University
Portsmouth City Council
Queen Mary University London
The Roslin Institute
Royal Academy of Arts
Sixfold Bioscience
Southampton Academy of Research
UKRI Future Leaders Fellows Development Network
University Hospital Southampton
University of Chichester
University of East Anglia
University of Kent
University of Oxford
University of Portsmouth
University of Surrey
University of Sussex
University of Westminster

This was the most valuable personal development activity I’ve ever done at work! Sarah is a brilliant coach. I really liked the flexibility of her approach – while we set out the overarching parameters of our discussions at the beginning of the process, we also used the sessions to respond to/ reflect on issues that emerged subsequently. For many reasons, this academic year has been one of the most stressful of my career, but I always felt more positive after my sessions with Sarah… equipped with strategies to make the situation more manageable!

Coaching Client Research Leadership programme

Really presented and explained to such a high standard, with a lot of warmth, respect, humour and sincerity. The group sessions were really valuable and I felt completely safe with the feedback. Such camaraderie has been built up. I feel privileged to have experienced this and to have Sarah as a mentor.

Staff member University of Portsmouth

What clients say

These coaching sessions have been the highlight of the [programme so far]. My approach to work, self-confidence, and work-life balance has improved immeasurably as a result of Sarah’s guidance. This had led to significant research outputs despite the challenges of long-term sleep deprivation and the pandemic. I couldn’t have done this without Sarah’s guidance and would encourage the university to consider offering Sarah’s services to more research-active staff members.

Coaching Client Strategic Fellowship programme

This was not only during a world wide pandemic, but when staff attending have had increased workloads and decreased resources, having to work online, from home, in worldwide and private disruption and widespread change and confusion. Sarah did a fantastic job with tired, challenged, worn out, cynical and emotionally empty staff members, and to lift and produce such wonderful results in seeing myself and other trainees changing and developing, is incredible. We have been the most exhausted and battered cohort ever. I have wondered at times how anyone of us could have been motivated at all to engage or change. Sarah managed it. She lifted, encouraged, believed. We have been incredibly lucky, she made a load of little cocoons into butterflies. Cannot thank her enough. Personally and Professionally.

Staff Member University of Portsmouth

Sarah showed commitment, drive, empathy, confidence in us all as both individuals and as a group. Humour, warmth, adaptability, credibility. She also handled challenge and questioning really effectively.

Participant University of Portsmouth

Sarah allowed a highly interactive group dynamic to unfold, a good facilitator, encouraged participants to forge natural relationships. She is very supportive and ethically guided.

Researcher University of Sussex