“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

~ William Shedd

The premise of coaching

You might not be able to change the world, but if you change how you operate in your world, your world will change around you.

You might not be able to change other people, but if you change the way you connect with them, they will respond differently, and you will transform your relationships.

You can do it on your own.

But you might do it faster, with less stress, and with more impact if you have the right support.

That’s where I come in.


How I coach

I will believe in you, even especially when you don’t believe in yourself.

I am impartial, yet I’m always on your side.

I have no vested interest in what you choose to do or how, but I celebrate alongside you when you succeed.

I remind you to explore the terrain off the beaten track, not just charge ahead on the path well-trodden by others.

I spot the stories you tell yourself, the ones that hinder you, and then I help you re-write them into constructive beliefs that power your development.

I won’t lie to you, directly or by omission. This means I may sometimes say things you don’t want to hear.

I point out out patterns in your thinking and behaviour that might be holding you back.

I show you how you can see things from alternative perspectives.

I challenge you, and support you in challenging yourself. Nothing great happens inside comfort zones.

I enable you to realise that your thoughts, behaviours and feelings are selective, and empower you to make different choices.

I remind you that your courage bucket is full, when you are searching for droplets at the bottom of your confidence bucket.

I am your companion on your development journey: we are shoulder-to-shoulder.


And you?

  • You want to create your own opportunities, rather than wait for them to show up.
  • You are ready to be candid about your strengths, perspectives, and challenges.
  • You might be at a crossroads in your professional life, and are unsure how to make your decision.
  • You recognise that you may have more personal resources than you thought, and are prepared to experiment with tapping into them.
  • Your circumstances might be changing around you, and you want to take more control over what happens next.
  • You may be harbouring a secret dream or ambition, and you’ve run out of excuses for keeping it hostage on your someday/maybe list.
  • You’re committed to your development and willingly invest your time and energy in your growth.

If you’re ready, and you think we might be a good fit for a coaching partnership, connect with me and let’s start a conversation.


I work within the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Encouraged me to think about things from angles I hadn’t considered previously

The questions were helpful for getting to the foundation of my issues and encouraged me to think about things from angles I hadn’t considered previously. I appreciated Sarah’s ability to listen carefully, to comprehend my somewhat extensive rambling and pick out the important points.

University of Portsmouth

Motivated and empowered

It was great to have the opportunity to talk through issues, and I found it a really positive experience in terms of moving forward. As well as real insight into some of my ‘sticking points’, you gave me lots of practical ideas about how to be more productive. I really felt that we got to the bottom of unpicking some of the concerns that have been playing on my mind quite a bit, so I left the session feeling motivated and empowered.

University of Portsmouth

… changed my whole outlook

Yet again I found our conversation incredibly helpful. Your tip on authenticity – being comfortable with owning the truth in a professional setting really changed my whole outlook.

University of Surrey

You helped me remove the forest

Although the answers were in front of me, I guess, talking with you helped to ‘un-ravel’ the various ideas in my head. You helped me remove the forest – to see the trees!

University of Portsmouth