“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

~ William Shedd

Coaching and Coaching Psychology

Coaching is a proactive, non-directive, non-judgemental developmental activity. It is a confidential conversation – or series or conversations – with an impartial professional. Together we create a coaching alliance in which the focus is on you, your landscape, and your goals, to serve your development agenda.

Coaching may be used to enhance your learning, wellbeing, and performance, and to address blocks to achievement and goal-directed behaviours.

Most of my coaching work is situated in the arenas of learning, performance, and wellbeing. Key coaching areas are career progression, research leadership, professional development, research outputs, resilience, managing professional transitions, and 360º feedback.

Coaching Clients

My coaching clients include doctoral researchers, research fellows, professors, research leaders, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and ‘escaped’ academics.

I coach individuals and cohorts in organisational settings that span practitioner, industry, and academic contexts, such as universities, research institutes, bioscience start-ups, charities, and the NHS.

The Impact of Coaching

I provide the space and frameworks for you to examine the topics you bring to the sessions; to challenge and encourage you to set objectives and take action towards them. Coaching conversations occur in a confidential, safe space.

Previous clients attribute their coaching programme as a significant factor in achieving:

  • Increased research outputs while working fewer hours
  • Consciously balancing their energy and attention to the demands of multiple roles
  • Overcoming internal obstacles (e.g. procrastination, perfectionism)
  • Developing a values-based leadership approach
  • Writing and submitting books and papers for publication
  • Designing an authentic career plan that also aligns with institutional strategy
  • Stronger sense of professional identity resulting in an enhanced research profile

Because coaching is non-directive, I actively support my coachees to discover their own solutions, and set their own goals. I do this by listening, clarifying, reflecting back, asking questions and challenging them to experiment, all in service of supporting their progress towards their goals.

The responsibility for making decisions and taking actions (and equally valid, in choosing not to take action) lies with the coachee. I provide the tools, support and structure to do this in the way that works best for the individual.

Contact me to arrange a conversation about Coaching – for you, or your people.

My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching psychology practice is evidence-based, primarily drawing on cognitive- behavioural, solution-focused, and positive-psychology approaches. I apply current research and understanding of human thought, emotion, and behaviour, to the application of coaching interventions, bespoke to the individual I am working with.

I offer coachees appropriate tools and frameworks to examine the topics they bring to the sessions and support them to address internal and external challenges, and empower them to enhance their effectiveness, wellbeing, and life experience in their professional context.

Ethical Considerations

I adhere to the following codes of ethics:

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