“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike.”

~ John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley

Self-discovery tours for remarkable women

When you set out on an excursion, you take an outing to a specific destination, to explore unfamiliar terrain and discover new perspectives. Excursions are planned to a certain extent, but also have built-in scope for adventure, learning, and self-discovery.

You have opportunities to encounter and connect with companions at each stage along the way. Excursions inspire new perspectives, establish clarity and spark new ideas. You will return from your travels energised, stimulated, and with a renewed sense of possibility.

Your Excursion

You will join a small group of women (8 maximum) coming together for the day to design the life you want, and construct tangible steps towards making it happen. I’ll be your guide and companion on your expedition.

Your most powerful development experiences are when you are able to create your own learning journey, combined with access to the support you need to accomplish change. That’s why every Excursion is unique: I design each programme from scratch, specifically to meet the needs, goals and challenges of the women coming together for that particular outing. Your Excursion will be as distinctive as you, and tailored to help you get to where you want to go.

Be prepared to stretch yourself. Exciting things happen outside your comfort zone, and you will be in a supportive and confidential environment, with other women who are equally committed to their development. It’s a powerful recipe.

My Excursions take place in different locations and ambiences. There are no grey corporate meeting rooms that stifle creativity, and no projected slides that dictate your path. We do things differently on Excursions: you may be advised to bring comfortable shoes; or a camera; or a sketchbook; or pocket-money for postcards. (For example, our last Excursion was held in the Club Room of the October Gallery, in London).



You’ll have some questions to reflect on before your Excursion. These will help you clarify your personal objectives for the journey, and map some of your known terrain. The questions help you identify and tap into your preferences and resources. I’ll use your responses – and those from our other Companions – to design the best framework for the day, tailor-made. You’ll also have a personalised task to do and bring along with you.

If you’ve decided on travelling First Class [see Timetable, Tickets and Reservations, below], then you and I will set aside time a couple of weeks beforehand, for a coaching conversation. Together, we will explore your development destination and itinerary in more detail, and fully prepare you to make the most of your Excursion.

Out and about

During the excursion you’ll meet and get to know your fellow companions, dive into purposeful (and often surprising) conversations, and take part in practical experiences and activities. You will:

  • Gain clarity on what you want – what you really want
  • Step into your bolder self
  • Feel inspired to create your own map, your own opportunities
  • Establish a custom framework for your personal objectives
  • Map out solid steps to bing your nearer your objectives
  • Make a commitment to doing things a little differently

We will voyage through several programme elements tailored to the needs, goals, and challenges of the group. So although each Excursion has a different format and structure, there are some common elements you may encounter, such as reflection; planning; experimenting with tools and techniques; gaining feedback; peer-support; and coaching.

Upon your return

Within 2 weeks of your return, you and I will have a 30-minute individual debrief session, via videoconferencing. We will unpack what you have gained from the experience, and establish how you will turn your experience and plans into concrete actions and results.

If you have a First Class ticket, then you and I will have set aside a longer post-Excursion coaching session to help you build and maintain your momentum. You’ll review your Excursion insights and experiences and identify the specific changes you want to see in your life. You’ll commit to a way forward that works for you, and direct your energy into making the changes you want to see.

Who it’s for – does this sound like you?

Excursion might be for you, if you connect with some of these experiences. You might be:

  • At a crossroads or ready for a change
  • Accepting a challenge (or bravely setting one for yourself)
  • Tired of paddling in the shallows and ready for an intensive development experience
  • Prepared to take a chance on yourself and invest in your development
  • Seeking different perspectives on your goal or issue
  • Receptive to alternative ways of thinking
  • Eager to experiment, and explore what matters to you most
  • Considering a secret project or goal
  • Willing to offer support to others, and receive it in return
  • Finding that traditional definitions of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ have lost their meaning
  • Wanting to create your own opportunities

Timetable, Tickets and Reservations

Next Excursion – Autumn 2018. Date and destination TBC.

Standard ticket – One UK Excursion, fully catered. Includes post-Excursion debrief.

First Class ticket – One UK Excursion, fully catered. Personal coaching wrapper: one pre-Excursion terrain-mapping session (goals and challenges discovery); and one post-Excursion unpacking session (insights, impact and implementation).

Apply for an Excursion: Before I reserve your place, I want to make absolutely sure that an Excursion is right for you, right now. Connect with me and we’ll set up a time to talk, in confidence, and of course with no obligation.

Much more committed to my goal

Because of the prework and coaching-wrapper conversations (very helpful and enjoyed), I felt a part of it already when I arrived, and I left afterwards feeling energised. I am much more committed to my goal, and ready to take my own steps.

Excursion Companion

Bespoke and special for the group

Small group worked so well, it felt bespoke and special for the group. I could go every week and get something different every time.

Excursion Companion

Thought provoking

Loved the relaxed feel of the day, we all knew what we were there for. There was no pressure to contribute if we didn’t want to – though everyone did at different times. Plenty of opportunity to explore individual issues – thought-provoking, and I came away with concrete things to do.

Excursion Companion

Discovered more about myself

The day was so intensive, I discovered more about myself. Since my Excursion, I’ve experimented with sharing my [secret idea] with collaborators – I wouldn’t have done this otherwise.

Excursion Companion