E-learning, blended and remote programmes

All my workshop programmes can be delivered digitally. But online learning needn’t be limited to stand-alone training and workshops. Your requirements might mean that what I’m delivering for your people is a component of a bigger programme; feeds into other internal development structures; or  the learning is better offered in a different format. Here’s some examples to get you thinking:

Online seminars (Facilitation)

Work well for groups that want to collaborate and/or learn from each other as part of their development, or for collaborative problem-solving. For example team projects, remote-working teams with common objectives or learning needs. This format is ideal for building strong internally-generated learning and sharing of expertise. (e.g. Good practice forums for doctoral supervisors).

Webinar & Workbook (Chalk and talk)

A talk or briefing on a topic accompanied by slides or other materials followed by Q&A – in parallel with participant workbooks. Minimal participant interaction, possibility of recording for later play-back.  (Ideal for delivering to large numbers of attendees – ensures consistency of the participants’ learning experiences.)

Online learning materials (E-learning)

I create content for online learning units – text, video, graphics, and a resource locker of links and recommendations for those that want to extend or deepen their understanding and application of the topic or skill in focus. Provided in an open, easy to use format that learning experience designers (your LMS experts) can adapt and incorporate into your institution’s VLE.  (Ideal for self-paced learning and asynchronous cohorts).

Blended programmes (Hand-picked combinations)

Programmes that work for a cohort of people who’s needs may be more diverse, and the topics more broad. For instance, a wholly online programme adapted from a 2-day face-to-face leadership development programme for a group of 12 people might look like:

  • Online learning units to cover leadership theories; leadership development techniques; and developing your personal leadership skills
  • Individual coaching sessions for each participant: pre-programme, mid-programme, post-programme
  • Workbook and materials in digital download format for whole programme
  • Small group action learning set online meetings
  • Whole group learning development seminar online

It’s important that whatever methods are chosen, they are selected because they create opportunities for maximising the learning and application. Delivering information on its own is not my bag – helping learners figure out how to use that information for their own benefit… that very much is my bag. Together we can make sure that happens with careful design.

Something Else?

If you don’t see what you want in the above list (and if you do), Connect with me and we’ll create something together that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations…

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