For March I wrote a series of guest posts for The Springboard Consultancy. Although I didn’t plan it, the posts were connected by the theme of time. Each of the four posts is only around 500 words.

What if you don’t hit snooze?

Hitting snooze is a habit, and it seems it goes beyond the morning alarm, and leaked into other areas of my life. Hitting snooze on my ideas means delaying (indefinitely in some cases) potential opportunities. So I experimented with refraining from hitting snooze – literally, in the case of my morning alarm, and metaphorically, in the case of turning a safe idea into brave action. You can read about it here:

Your go-to space-maker – The most assertive thing you can do?

No matter how much I practice assertive behaviour, I sometimes flip back to automatic responses when I feel on the spot to respond. Here’s how I created and practiced some responses to use when that happens, and so I can create time and space for me to think more clearly:

How are you managing your time budget?

Time is egalitarian in so much as we all get the same number of hour-tokens in a week. But I don’t think all tokens have the same weight:

How long is your ‘now’?

The final post was about stretching ‘now’ moments and giving them my best self, with a couple of experiments. Spoiler: nothing to do with time management, and everything to do with attention:

tick… tock…

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